Create your own unique floral arrangement

Simply choose your desired floral arrangement style and we will provide complimentary guidance to create your very own piece of art. We strive to bring out your creativity and adds a dose of sincerity for your loved ones

Floral Arrangement Workshop:

We offer Hand Bouquet making or Table Flower Arrangement:

1. Select your choice of floral arrangement style;

2. Place an online order, make payment and contact us to book your workshop;

3. You may then visit us to enjoy our guided floral arrangement session. Please plan 2-3 days in advance of your desired gifting date.

Floral arrangement is an art

We have created a one of its kind studio, providing our customers a brand-new lifestyle experience

Choose your desired floral style

We will provide complimentary guidance on how to create your very own floral arrangement


Ceramic Pottery
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Flowers & Plant Pots
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Glass Vases & Decorative Bowls
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